USCAA Marathon

The National Corporate Marathon Championship is held annually in conjunction with a major marathon

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Each company can have an unlimited number of runners competing (each runner must be included on the team roster).

A team score will be determined upon completion of the Marathon, Half Marathon or 5K (M-HM-5K), a separate team score for each distance. If a team has no runners complete a distance, they get no team score.

One division will be scored for each team scoring distance (M, HM, 5K).

The USCAA will be using the latest (2015) World Masters Athletics (WMA) adjustment factors to score each runner’s performance against the standard for their individual age and gender. WMA standards are often used to age-grade scoring in masters’ competition.

For the USCAA M-HM-5K championships, each runner’s score will be their WMA performance level based on their official chip time, age, and gender. (Scores will be to 2 decimal places, rounding any remainder.)

Separate M-HM-5K team scores are calculated by respectively summing the four best individual marathon scores, four best individual half-marathon scores and four best individual 5K scores.

Age of participants is determined as of race date.

In case of a tie, equivalent scores for two or more teams, the following tie-breaking procedure will be used:

  1. The team with the highest scoring individual runner will be considered the winner of the tie. If still tied, consideration goes to the highest scoring 2nd runner, and so on.
  2. If two or more teams have identical scores for all scoring runners, the team with the fastest individual time regardless of their WMA score will be considered the winner.
  3. If the two fastest runners have identical times, the tie remains.

Only runners who have completed the Marathon, Half Marathon or 5K pursuant to USA Track & Field Rules 60, 65, 132-138 and any specific M-HM-5K rules, will be scored. Runners finishing after the official close of the M-HM-5K courses will not be scored for the USCAA National M-HM-5K Championships.
Protests concerning the USCAA National M-HM-5K Championships need to be submitted to the designated protest committee no later than 30 minutes after the USCAA results are posted at the USCAA Awards Ceremony…see complete Rules.