2024 USCAA Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K

39th USCAA Corporate Team Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K will be held February 23rd – 25th, in Fort Worth, Texas as part of the renowned CowTown Marathon.

It only requires four people for a team in any one of the events and they can be men or women because the scoring is by age and gender graded. Please take a read at the USCAA Marathon RULES.

The Half Marathon Relay is s not part of the USCAA competition, but it can be used for family and friends.


  1. Click on this link:  https://raceroster.com/events/2024/72367/the-2024-cowtown-race-weekend
  2. Click on, “I have an access code” on the right
  3. Sign in (if you haven’t already done that)<
  4. Enter the pass code “USCAA” on the right
  5. Click on “validate”
  6. Click on the event that you are registering for
  7. Scroll down and follow the instructions to register
  8. When you get to “Teams“, click on “Create new team” (Captain should register first to create the team – members will select from team list)
  9. Once you complete the team questions finish your registration.

Key Notes

  • Note that the $10 USCAA membership fee is now part of the registration process
  • Very few people run two races, but for those who do there are two processes:
    1. They can register for each race separately, but they will have to pay the $10 membership fee twice. We will need to figure out a way to reimburse them unless they decide to let it go.
    2. They can register for one of the “Bundles” (5K and Half or 5K and marathon) and they would only need to pay the $10 once. However, the Bundle is $25 more than registering separately for the two races. The reason is that they get an additional medal and an additional tech t-shirt.

Please contact Lou Putnam for more information